Vol 3 3D scan session & 3.25" figure

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Vol 3  3D scan session & 3.25" figure

The Tiny Tributes community collective is a living, breathing exhibition, with new voices being collected daily. Beginning in June 2024, every summer The Mini Time Machine Museum will spotlight a new selection of 3-D printed figures, showcasing people from all around the world who have taken part in the Tiny Tributes project.

Rudy Flores and Teresa Estrella’s ongoing art project, Tiny Tributes, playfully integrates the role of miniatures in storytelling, memory-making, and childhood play. Tapping into the nostalgia of green Army Men figures, the artists cleverly repurpose the toy’s original mission: no longer faceless men serving in perpetual battle, these 3-D printed figures each have a unique story of their own, marching to their own beat. While the original toy may have glorified victory over a nameless foe, Tiny Tributes celebrates individual triumphs. Together, this motley crew unites to form a wonderous record of human stories, transforming into cherished mementos in an act of beautiful self-preservation, revealing who we are and what we love as a testament to our shared humanity.

The Tiny Tributes project is the next revolutionary step in Flores and Estrella’s artistic journey, evolving from their groundbreaking Army Man Project, beginning in 2015. Harnessing the power of crowdfunding to support their vision, Flores and Estrella began scanning members of the Tucson community, turning them into 3-D printed Army Men and, most importantly, collecting their individual stories along the way. Encouraged to bring props and select poses that reflected their unique personalities, when presented together in exhibitions these Army Men took on a new life, becoming a tribute to the diversity, creativity, and tenacious joy of Tucson. Now, the artists pay tribute to an even larger community, stretching beyond Tucson, to gather the stories of a community collective without borders.

June 4, 2024 – Ongoing Community Arts Partnership
Contact: [email protected] or call Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures to book a session 520-881-0606

Project info: https://theminitimemachine.org/exhibitions/tiny-tributes/